About Us

Founded in 1999, Strategic Vision is a global marketing communications company offering a range of integrated sales, marketing and consultancy services for organizations in the luxury lifestyle, travel, hospitality and event industries.

The consultancy specializes in developing and executing strategies that raise the profile of and build revenue for its clients with campaigns that focus directly on the luxury market and specifically target the affluent consumer through a variety of distribution channels.

Visionary Planning

The company’s guiding principle is that a finely-honed strategy is the starting point for its clients’ long-term success. Strategic Vision unites an unbridled mix of vision, creativity, innovation and knowledge to implement powerful marketing programs for its clients that puts them on a path to increased profitability. All the agency’s strategies are directed at reaching and retaining the high-net-worth consumer. Maximum impact is achieved by working through all channels and drawing on a far-reaching network of contacts.

A Unique Perspective

With outstanding track records in senior executive and management positions for corporations across the globe, our staff members offer a unique perspective on the global travel market, with an in-depth understanding of the U.S., European and developing Asian markets. Our knowledge and comprehension of the challenges and opportunities facing our clients today have been developed through long-term experience with some of the world’s leading travel and hospitality companies, including InterContinental Hotels, Cunard, Utell International, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, The Savoy Group of Hotels & Resorts, Travel PORT, Summit Hotels & Resorts, and TUI Travel.

We welcome the opportunity to share our expertise with you.