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Founded in 1998, Strategic Vision is a global marketing communications company offering a range of integrated sales, marketing and consultancy services for organizations in the luxury lifestyle, travel, hospitality and event industries.

The consultancy specializes in developing and executing strategies that raise the profile of and build revenue for its clients with campaigns that focus directly on the luxury market and specifically target the affluent consumer through a variety of distribution channels. Read More

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That Was a Heck of a Quarter
That Was a Heck of a Quarter
April 5, 2022

Here’s a sentence I never thought I’d write: Greetings from Saudi Arabia! I am visiting this unexpected destination to look at tourism development opportunities in Riyadh, Al-’Ula, Jeddah, and elsewhere. Saudi is fascinating, stunning, hospitable, and, from my Western perspective, very surprising. There are obviously very serious human rights concerns to take into consideration. But the country’s efforts to slowly open itself up to tourism has me thinking quite a bit about the future of our industry.

What’s in Store For 2022 (It’s Not All Bad)
What’s in Store For 2022 (It’s Not All Bad)
January 25, 2022

Normally at this time of year I send you the results of our annual Pulse of the Industry Survey. This year, well, let’s just say that the pulse is a little bit hard to read at the moment. Once the patient stabilizes a bit (sorry to torture the metaphor) and there’s more clarity in the marketplace, we’ll survey our industry peers to understand their feelings about business and where it’s going. In the meantime, I have been speaking to a number of travel advisors about the current state of affairs and thought it worth sharing a few of the common threads I’m hearing.

How We Are Dealing With Hiring Challenges Right Now
How We Are Dealing With Hiring Challenges Right Now
December 2, 2021

“How is the recovery going for your business?” For every 10 people in the travel industry that I ask that question, I get 10 different responses — and 10 different predictions as to what might happen next. But just about everyone agrees on one thing: Hiring has become very, very challenging. The so-called “Great Resignation” is happening across industries (and across the globe, if unevenly), and even if it’s somewhat exaggerated, it seems to be hitting travel, restaurants, and leisure especially badly. And the problem is global, as far as I can tell.

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