KarmaFlights is a non-profit organization based in Pokhara, Nepal. Founded in 2011, KarmaFlights has rapidly expanded in recent years from a small-scale local charity to an operation that now—amongst many initiatives—provides emergency disaster relief, medical supplies, and educational support for thousands of Nepali children. This grassroots organization is committed to the complex needs of youths in remote regions of Nepal and focuses upon the development of long-term, trusted networks through which to create sustainable solutions.

KarmaFlights’ dedication to ethical humanitarianism and entrepreneurship aligns perfectly with Strategic Vision’s philosophy, which has endorsed their work since 2017. KarmaFlights aims to construct a minimum of 20 earthquake-resistant schools, 22 libraries, and 2 solar-powered computer labs, as well as offer 300 student scholarships, by the end of 2020. If you would like to learn more or become a donor, please visit their website at